Sep. 4th, 2016

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Title: Only You - Deleted Scene 1
Pairing: Junsu/Jaejoong
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Summary: Jaejoong takes Junsu back.

A/N: I've decided to write some deleted scenes for this couple after being bored one day while looking through some word prompts to get my motivation going for the story, Only You. The relationship between Junsu and Jaejoong grew on me as the story progressed and soon they became my favorite couple with Changmin/Jihyo coming in second. Since the main story is about Yunho and Yoochun, I've been leaving stuff out between them because they weren't necessary to the main plot. Now, I want to be able to write those scenes. While this doesn't really contribute to the main story, writing this helps me keep the plot line fresh in my mind. I hope to those who love the Junsu/Jaejoong pairing like me, would be happy with this. Also, for those who want to know where this scene is from, timeline-wise, it takes place in Chapter 3.

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