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A few days ago Junsu released a ballad song titled, "Yesterday" and I immediately fell in love with the song because it conveyed so much regret and hope. I had assumed that people would like the song as well. But watching people's mv reaction, they said they didn't like the song because it was a ballad and it sounded like every other ballad song they heard. I felt sad and angry to hear them say that, that they couldn't appreciate Junsu's vocals and it reminded me of my own experience with writing angsty stories.

I write them to feel better about myself (not sure if it's the same with Junsu). I don't like to socialize and I don't have any friends to lean on, so when I write angsty stories, to me it's equivalent to a person telling their one close friend their problems. So when readers bypass my sad stories, it feels like they don't want to hear my problems, as if reading it will cause their good day to be ruined. It hurts to think that it might be true ... that no one cares. Life feels hopeless everyday and every second it feels like I'm not really living. I wonder when I can finally escape this world and be free.

I'm sorry, I have a lot on my mind right now and just wanted to let out my thoughts that have been lingering around for a while now.
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After giving it much thought, I realized that the stories I've been writing, haven't been interesting to my readers or it's not their "cup of tea". Most of my readers like romance and fluff, while I like death and angst. So, for summer break, I want to be able to write what my readers want to read.

You can post however many submissions you want. You must include the pairing (It is important to me that you write who the dominant person in the relationship first, followed by the submissive person, because the difference in how the story flows, depends on it), and a detailed story idea, also whether you want it to be a one-shot or a short chaptered story. I will spend my break from May to August writing whatever you readers have submit to me. =)

I will let you submit your ideas to me from now until May 18. I hope I will do your stories justice.

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I apologize to my readers. But I need to take a break. I'm so emotionally unstable right now that I can't seem to focus on writing. If you hadn't seen my post on Tumblr, then here it is. Just an inside look of why I'm on a hiatus. I apologize again.
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I want all of my readers to be safe, especially those that write fanfics on this site. Apparently there's a site that's stealing fanfics from LJ and from AO3. Here is the website which you can check to see if any of your stories are reposted. Or if you want to do it the tedious way and probably more effective (unless it's translated into another language), you can google search your summary to make sure. The site runs on a bot, searching for any tags that might have "fanfic" or "fic" written on it and apparently reasoning with the person seems to be ineffective, seeing how they don't understand that what they're doing is wrong and making an excuse saying that it's within law because of Creative Common License. They are still stealing fanfiction works even now. So tell everyone to be aware.

Maybe in the near future I will friend-lock all my posts and put on a more stricter admission rule, but for now I'm just thankful that they (or anyone in general) haven't stolen any of my fics.
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