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List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

1. "You should move back to your side of the room before they come in to check up on us," a deep voice whispered, which sounded much louder than intended.

2. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, but in a particular room, in a particular complex, someone's alarm was ringing non-stop.

3. It was November 18, 2015.

4. "He's lucky," Yunho said as he watched a boy walk out of the fighting ring with large black and blue bruises on his face and chest.

5. It was dark, everything was dark when he opened his eyes with a groan.

6. Jaejoong whistled a tune as he walked through the night market looking for dinner ingredients.

7. "So, what did he say? Is it a go?" Changmin heard his friend say over his shoulder.

8. "If you had listened to me instead of staring into space, you would know that I had already said what T stands for," the leader sighed.

9. " ... And cut!"

10. He had so much to dream, so there was just no way that being homeless was going to stop him.

11. Changmin was happy.

12. After the mini fight he had with Jaejoong a month ago, of who was going to propose to who first, Changmin knew that he had the perfect proposal in the bag.

13. "Get out of my spot, Changmin," Jaejoong said to the younger boy who was sitting by the window.

14. "Come dance with me?"

15. "Why is it important to know how many minutes away is the closest subway station? Shouldn't the size of a bathtub be more important, considering the bathtub culture here in Japan?" Takumi huffed, exiting yet another disappointing house.

16. Takumi knew that Betas were always left out, being the middle child that no one wants to bother, and he didn't want to do that to his little brother.

17. "Why do you want to subject yourself to this torture of nine months with a baby growing inside of you?" Takumi grumbled towards the orange-haired woman laying on the bed.

18. Takumi was relaxing in his apartment like he always did whenever school was done for the day.

19. Judal liked a little mystery.

20. Rin hated committed relationships.

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