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Title: Only You
Pairing: Yunho/Yoochun, Junsu/Jaejoong, Changmin/Jihyo
Genre: Drama/Angst
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Un-beta'd, Incest
Idea: Prompt idea from Serkadios@nanowrimo.org
Summary: The human race is split into two nations; one for men and the other for women. The government has stripped them all from anything sexual pertaining to the opposite sex. So, how will love prevail in a society so broken and will anyone bring the community back to the way it was before?

A/N: I wasn't planning on writing for a while ... but Jaejoong's new pictures while in Australia, is giving me so many feels. I want to pinch his cheeks so bad! A total opposite of how I feel towards Jaejoong in this story.

"You know, I've been looking everywhere for you."

Ever since his confrontation with Seungri that morning, Yoochun knew that a change of scenery was needed to calm himself down. He had been sitting with his back against the wall of the dorm building and a cigarette in between his lips for the past two hours. So, he didn't expect to see the other man so soon after their morning interaction.

He stood up with a sneer and took one last drag of his cigarette before snubbing it out with his heel, right next to the other cigarette butt that he had stomped out an hour ago,

"Great, you found me. So what? I thought you said everything you wanted to say earlier?"

"Not exactly," the man said, "I haven't told you the main reason why I came to see you in the first place. In case you've forgotten, your roommate interrupted us."

Yoochun raised an eyebrow, "Roommate? Don't you mean Sergeant Major Jung?"

Seungri snarled at the small jab, a reminder that his rank as Floor Officer, would always be the lowest in their government system,

"It doesn't matter what his title is called, he should've minded his own business."

Yoochun puffed up his chest a little, "That just goes to show you how little you know of him. Yunho's a person who would do anything for others. He would sacrifice his life in order to protect those lower than him."

Seungri rolled his eyes and scoffed, "I don't care about his pathetic morals. None of those weak emotions are needed to perform one's military duties."

"So your main reason is? You've already threatened me with the life of an innocent person and that didn't work. So, what else are you going to threaten me with to listen to you?" Yoochun challenged.

Seungri stepped closer, "You know ... this Kim Junsu person you had me check up on ... wasn't the only person I did a background check. I was curious about why you sought me out in the first place, because from what I know, we've never really crossed paths before. And when I looked into it, I found out that the both of you are somehow connected to my former floor student, Kim Jaejoong."

Yoochun glowered at his feet as Seungri walked around to the other side of him,

"Kim Junsu is his long-time boyfriend and you ... " Seungri trailed off with a smirk, a finger teasing the other boy's cheek, " ... you're his long-time friend ... If I were you, I'd be careful about how I'd react around him. The way you act like a jilted lover towards him, will make people misunderstand your obsession."

Yoochun snapped his head up, "What?"

"People might mistake your jealousy for something romantic rather than being protective over your friendship," Seungri grinned.

"I have NO obsessions with Jaejoong. Is it so wrong to want to keep my friends near me?" Yoochun hissed. He was starting to hate the fact that everyone kept lecturing him about what he should and should not do with his relationship with Jaejoong.

"Of course not," Seungri stated airily, dropping his arm heavily on the other's shoulder, "But I wanted to make sure that you knew how your actions are being perceived by others."

Yoochun clenched his hands into fists, "You're getting off topic, Seungri,"

"Right," the man chuckled, "How could I forget?"

Yoochun tensed up when Seungri moved closer into his personal space and brushed the back of his hand against his left cheek,

"Would you comply with me ... If I told you that if you don't ... I'll tell Jaejoong that you've been looking into his past?"

"He wouldn't care," Yoochun quickly dismissed. Seungri nodded slowly with a pout and moved away,

"I could agree with that ... Only if he'd confided in you about his past or at least hinted about it before. But since you came to me about it, I'm guessing that you didn't know a thing and people like Jaejoong, has major trust issues. We wouldn't want him to severe your friendship over a mere curiosity, do you?"

Yoochun clenched his jaw. He could punch the man right now and release all of his pent up anger, but he knew that punching a government officer wasn't wise with how easily he could be disposed of.

"And you? Don't think that I couldn't find anything to blackmail you back. Should I inform the higher-ups of what you're doing?" Yoochun shot back.

"And what is it that I'm doing?" Seungri wondered.

"Blackmail. Isn't it illegal?"

Seungri burst out into laughter, "Illegal? I assure you, that what I'm doing is not illegal at all. Besides, what's wrong with keeping someone close to me that I've taken a liking to?"

Yoochun fought back a sneer, "You don't like me. You only want me for my body."

Seungri grinned, "So we're on the same page."

"You're disgusting," Yoochun spat.

"As Jaejoong will think of you when I tell him what's been going on behind his back," Seungri said with a smile.

Yoochun tried to throw a surprise punch, but the other man caught it. Seungri narrowed his eyes, but his lips curled up into a smirk,

"You almost got me there, but do you think I would let another punch happen? My nose is still broken because of what your boyfriend did."

Yoochun gave a smirk of his own and jerked his arm free, "I hope your nose doesn't heal, it'll be a reminder that your evil ways have gotten you into trouble once before."

Yoochun pushed at the other man, putting some distance between them and returned back inside the dorm building.

Seungri stared at Yoochun's retreating back, "And this is why I can never let you leave."


"Hey, long time no see."

Junsu heard the voice first before a hand pat him familiarly on his back. He greeted the other boy with a smile. It definitely had been a while since they last talked to each other, about two months and a half ago to be exact. But it had been hard to find the time and sit down with the other boy and just chat due to things that were becoming hectic lately with Jaejoong and Yoochun.

Junsu waited until the older boy sat across from him with a small package of pastry bread. He gestured to the item with a slight head cock,

"Is that your lunch or snack, Yunho-hyung?"

"Lunch. I'm not that hungry at the moment," Yunho sighed, tearing open the package. Junsu let out a hollow laugh,

"What are you sighing for? You have it all, hyung ... A good position in the military, you're at the top of your class ... and you've even managed to maintain your love life. It should be me that's sighing over here."

Yunho raised an eyebrow,


He shook his head with a hollow laugh of his own,

"What you see, isn't always what it seems. It may look like I have everything, but it's causing me so much stress just trying to keep up with that perfect image and I hate it. I wish I could live like you do and not care about what other people think. I want to live freely without any worries, like you and Jaejoong."

Junsu let out a small sigh and sipped his water, "So, even when you're following the rules, there's a downside."

Yunho nodded solemnly and bit into his pastry. They were quiet for a while until Yunho spoke again,

"So where's Jaejoong? I usually see you two together ... Is he sick?"

"No ..." Junsu bit the inside of his cheek, "He's just ... tired. I wanted him to sleep in for a bit."

It wasn't a lie ... But it wasn't the whole truth either.

"I see ..." Yunho whispered and after a few moments of silence, Yunho shoved the last of his pastry into his mouth and stood up from the table, crumpling the empty package in his hand and turned to Junsu,

"Be a good boyfriend and check up on him. I think he would like that."

Junsu let out a strained smile, "Will do."

He waited until Yunho left the Dining Hall before he stared down at his cup of water. He didn't know why he let Yoochun's words affect him. Jaejoong would definitely choose to keep him after everything's revealed ... Right?

He downed the rest of his water and stood up, discarding his paper cup in the waste bin and headed to the elevators. He decided to listen to Yunho and check up on Jaejoong as a good boyfriend. Since it was now the afternoon, the other boy should be awake.

Standing in front of his destination, Junsu let out a shaky breath. He turned the knob to his dorm room and stopped in the doorway, his mind blanking out momentarily. He hadn't expected the scene when he came up to see Jaejoong. He didn't even think that a panic attack would cause a reaction from the other boy like what he was seeing right now.

He snapped out of it as horror washed over him and he sprung into action. He rushed forward and yanked the scissors from the older boy's hand. He stared wide-eyed at Jaejoong's half-naked form kneeling in the middle of the bed,

"Wh-What the fuck Jae?! What were you trying to do just now?" Junsu's voice shook in shock. Jaejoong looked up slowly and stared listlessly through him,

"... Give it back ..."

"No!" Junsu held the scissors behind him and shook his head slowly in confusion, brows furrowing,

"Why ... Why are you doing this?"

Jaejoong slowly stared down at his bare lap and a surge of anger filled his chest once again at the sight of his limp cock. He reached down and began tugging at it with frustration. Seeing the sudden change in behavior, Junsu dropped the scissors and took a few steps forward towards the bed. He yanked the other boy's arm away,

"Seriously, why are you doing this, Jae?!"

Jaejoong tried to pull his arm free, but was unsuccessful and he sagged in defeat. Junsu lowered himself to his knees next to the bed and gripped the hand in his grasp tighter,

"Please ... Tell me why you're acting this way?"

"I'm dirty that's why ..." Jaejoong whispered after a moment.

Junsu frowned, "Dirty? But didn't you wash up last night?"

"Not that dirty," Jaejoong snapped, his eyes narrowing.

"Then ...?" Junsu couldn't understand what other type of dirty it could be other than having something covered in bacteria.

"I'm tainted. My cock is tainted by that ... filth," Jaejoong hissed.

"What ...?" Junsu furrowed his brow further.

"That woman ... My cock is covered by that woman's filth," Jaejoong confessed, yanking his arm free.

Junsu finally understood.

"Jae ..."

"Don't ..." Jaejoong scooted away and hunched his shoulders forward,

"Please ... I don't want you touching me and having her disease rub off on you. I'm not clean until I get rid of it.."

Junsu's lips trembled as he stood up, "Stop talking like that! If you say that you're dirty one more time or I catch you trying to dismember yourself over it, then ... then I'll make a complaint and have myself move into a different room!"

He could see Jaejoong stiffen in his spot and Junsu knew that his threat had somehow gotten through to the older boy. Just as Jaejoong stopped to take in the other's words, his body trembled again. He hated the thought of Junsu leaving and never being allowed to see him again, but at the same time, having Junsu leave his side, would keep him safe and away from the disease that he now had on his body.

"So will you listen to me and stop talking about that woman? You have me now. I promise that her disease and filth is not on you. If you want me to, I can help you bathe and we can both make sure that whatever she left behind is gone."

Jaejoong wanted to believe, but hearing the woman's breath against his ear and having her damp insides gripping his cock ... his cock ...

He stopped himself when he realized that his hand had been slowly inching towards his limp cock. He raised his head slowly and stared at Junsu's teary face. He wanted so bad to wipe away the wet streaks and comfort the other boy, but he knew that he was tainted and he could never forgive himself if he touched Junsu before he was cleansed of all the filth that was eating him up.

"I'll ... try."


Walking back to his dorm room, Yunho wanted to shake his head and laugh in disbelief. Junsu wanted to have his life? If only the boy knew how hard he had to be on himself to show to the world that he had it all, all the while keeping his own problems a secret to avoid bothering people, then he'd probably take back his word as quickly as he gave it.

Yunho stopped in front of the elevators, his mind going back to the military training he had to conduct later on tonight. If Changmin couldn't convince Kibum to come on their side, then he would have to give it another shot as Sergeant Major. If he'd somehow managed to get Kibum by tonight, then the rest of his cadets would follow. Then he could finally have enough men to help overtake the views of the government.

He drew his lips into a thin line at the thought and stepped forward as the elevator doors opened. At the sight of who was in the elevator, Yunho dropped his hard facade slightly. In the elevator, stood Changmin with a book tucked under his arm. By the looks of it, the boy seemed to be heading to the library for some studying.

"Changmin --"

The other boy brushed past him out of the elevator. Yunho turned around and followed the other boy,

"Changmin, wait."

"I have a test tomorrow, so I need to study. Can this wait?" Changmin halted in the middle of the hallway and whispered. Yunho drew his brows together in confusion momentarily before nodding slowly and taking a step back,

"Uh ... sure. When will --"

Before Yunho could finish his question, Changmin continued on ahead toward the library. Yunho let out a sigh and bit the inside of his cheek. He would patch up with Changmin later, right now he was going to be late for training. So he hurried back to the elevators and headed up to his dorm room where he switch into his military uniform. He rushed out of the dorm building as fast as he could and into the training hall where his group was already there, sitting down cross-legged on the floor.

He let out a breath and smiled, then faltered when he heard a familiar voice from the corner behind him. He looked over and found Tony standing there, arms crossed.

"You barely made it, Jung. As Sergeant Major, you should always be here before your cadets. You're their example of whom they want to be and having a leader who comes in late, is not a good example to be setting."

"I'm sorry," Yunho apologized to the man and then sweeping his gaze over to his cadets,

"I'll make sure to be a better leader next time."

"If you do this again, there won't be a next time," Tony threatened and stepped forward,

"Now start your training. I'll speak with you after their session is done."

"Yes," Yunho lowered his eyes and then turned back to his cadets,

"Stand! Now give me 500 jumping jacks!"


While Yunho knew that he had been stretched too thin lately and all he wanted was to lay in bed with his arms around Yoochun, he still took his job as Sergeant Major seriously. Even when Tony hovered in the corner, critically examining his techniques, Yunho remained focused on his task. He reminded himself that this was just like that time when Eric came and watched his session unexpectedly. It was a way for the higher-ups to gauge where he stood with his rank and he agreed that an examination must be done, but he wished that there was a set schedule of when the examinations happened.

"Now give me 250 crunches and 250 reverse crunches!" Yunho commanded once his team yelled the last count for their jumping jacks.

He grinned when his team all fluently dropped down to their backs and began working their abs in sync.

"Very impressive," Yunho heard Tony's voice next to him say and he couldn't help but smile at the praise,

"However, it shouldn't just be the group that does all the work. The leader should pitch in from time to time. Both the leader and the team should work together to respond as one unit. Remember that, Jung."

Yunho took his eyes off his team and watched as Tony finally left the room. He inhaled a breath and began walking around the room to survey his team individually.

Outside, Tony closed the door to the training hall and found Eric standing next to the exit.


"He seems to have his priorities in check, but not in the way that we want it to be. He needs to be stricter with his duties or things won't go in his favor, not that I'm rooting for him or anything. But the way you relayed what the teacher had said, just doesn't seem right to me. Are you sure that he's reporting based on the rules of our government or based on his own personal vendetta against Jung?"

"Does it matter? This form of competition is what we need from our people," Eric grinned, "We need people who are willing to fight for the top, a mind that is strong and unwilling to stray from their ideals. If it bothers you, then I'll keep an eye on him, see if his mental strength is stable enough," Eric finalized and pushed himself away from the wall,

"But for now, tell everyone to keep a close eye on Jung. We don't need a traitor among our ranks."

"Yes sir," Tony nodded and waited for Eric to leave the vicinity before he too, left the training hall.


"Okay ... now 500 High Knees!" Yunho shouted and immediately all thirty of his cadets stood up from the floor and began running in place, their knees lifted up to their waists. However, he noticed one cadet that was running left to right and he walked up next to him,

"It's right to left, Ji Sang Woo!"

The boy quickly shifted legs and began matching his pacing with those around him. Yunho stared at the boy,

"Always watch your surroundings and make sure that you're in sync with the others. Don't just focus on yourself. You have to work as a team! This is not individual work! Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir!" the boy shouted and Yunho jotted down some notes next to the boy's name.

For the next two hours, Yunho watched his soldiers try their hardest and despite a few of them needing to be more aware of their teammates, they were a good bunch.

"And that's it for today," Yunho announced, clapping some of them on the back as they headed into the locker room for a quick shower before bed. Yunho lay a hand on Kibum's shoulder as the boy walked by,

"Can you stay back after your shower? There's something we need to talk about."

Yunho could see some of his soldiers giving them glances, but he ignored them.

"Okay," Kibum whispered and continued to the locker room. Yunho waited by the exit, bidding good night to the boys as they left. He looked back into the building to see a few students walking with Kibum, the boy's head lowered.

Yunho smiled and waved goodbye at the boys as Kibum stopped next to him. When the last of the boys left, Yunho guided Kibum back into the training hall.

"... If you wanted to talk to me about what we talked about before, I don't want to hear it," Kibum whispered. Yunho smiled a little, thinking that maybe the boy had been scared quiet at the scene of his best friend being punished for his wrongdoings,

"Did something happen since we last talked?"

Kibum frowned, eyebrows furrowed, "Didn't Changmin tell you? I know that the both of you are close."

"He didn't tell me anything," Yunho said with a slow shake of his head. Kibum glanced to the side and whispered grimly,

"Then it's a good thing you didn't know."


Kibum looked up with a hard glare and hissed, "I never wanted to get involved with the government. I didn't care what the government did behind the scenes because I was fine with how peaceful they kept things on the forefront. But ever since you became my leader, all I ever experienced was hatred and suffering around me. I just want things to go back to how it used to be ... before I met you. But I can't have that, now can I?"

Yunho reached forward and grasped the boy's shoulders, leaning forward so they were eye-to-eye,

"But it can go back to how things were ... if you'll be on my side. If you give me your trust, I'll make it my duty to change this corrupt government into a more harmonious one. Instead of just having the forefront be peaceful, the behind the scenes will also be peaceful as well. I don't want there to be any secrets. The people of Seoul should be able to know everything about the government and not be kept in the dark about anything. That's what I'm trying to change here and I can't do anything if I don't have people backing me up. So, will you join me?"

Kibum tore his gaze away and looked down, "I ... I can't."


"I ... I'm scared. I ... don't want to be punished," Kibum whispered.

"You won't."

Kibum glowered and turned his head to stare at Yunho, "How would you know? I was there when my best friend challenged our floor officer! I was there when my best friend was carried back from his punishment, limp and unconscious! I ... I don't want that to happen to me or Changmin again! So, how do I know that you'll prevent that from happening if I join with you?"

"Just put your faith in me and I'll make it my duty to not break it," Yunho stared back. Kibum took a step back, lips trembling and eyes wavering for a moment,

"That's ... not enough to convince me, Sergeant Major. I'm sorry."

Yunho stood still as Kibum brushed past him, leaving him alone in the training hall. Hearing the door shut behind him, Yunho collapsed to his knees and screamed.

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