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A/N: I had another post with the Only You AU cast answering some questions but it's half finished because I got bored of it. So I decided to do another one similar to that, but instead, I would answer it for them so that I can keep the story line fresh in my mind. And you wouldn't be able to understand these answers unless you read the story. So, go over to Only You to read Chapters 1 - 16.

For those of you who are waiting for Chapter 17, I have half of the draft finished and the rest is still outlined. Lately, my mind hasn't been able to focus on just one thing and because of that, I get bored. So now, I'm waiting for the day I can get down to business and finish the draft. I hope you guys don't have to wait long, because I'm DYING to write Chapter 18 and Chapter 20.


Does Jihyo have any creative talents? If so, what is it?
- I haven't really explored much of her as I would've liked. Hopefully after Chapter 20, I'm able to answer this question. But as of right now, I don't know much about her even though I should since I'm the writer of this story.

What is Junsu's most precious possession?
- Honestly, I would have to say it's Jaejoong ... But if you feel offended with me calling a person a possession, then I would say his soccer ball is a close second to being his favorite?

Is Yunho superstitious?
- I don't think he is? I'm not sure, since I haven't really explored anything superstitious in my story and never will in the future.

What's the one place where Changmin feels safe?
- His room? While his floor officer performs inspections from time to time, I think if he stayed in there, he wouldn't get into as much trouble as if he were to go outside.

Does Changmin know their parents? If so, what's their relationship?
- He knows he has a mom and an older sister and probably a father too, but like every child in this story, no one really knows what their father looks like. But as of right now, Changmin doesn't remember what his mother or sister looks like and in the future chapters, I'm going to explore his backstory a little more, so the answer to this question will probably be answered then.

Junsu runs into Yoochun in the elevator. What happens?
- Based on this point in the story at Chapter 16, I would say that Junsu would proabably be tense and anxious to leave the compartment, while Yoochun doesn't care about the presence of him. But if Yoochun wanted to have a little fun, he'll probably tease Junsu just to get him riled up and start a fight.

Jihyo is in her room. What does she do? Study, sleep, dance, or leave?
- Depending on the time of day ... she would either get ready for classes, take a short nap, finishing her school work, or sleeping.

Yunho walks into the Dining Hall. What drink does he order?
- Water or tea.

Changmin walks into his room. What song does he play on his iPod to start relaxing?
- Probably instrumental music or Classical music.

What is the most horrible and sudden change that could occur to Jihyo?
- Sungjong figuring out that the one person that stole her heart, happened to be Changmin and then him furiously tracking the boy down in rage and executing him.

If the Government could adopt a trait from Yunho, what would it be?
- Being open-minded.

Would Changmin go out of their way to help someone in need?
- Not automatically. If he really cared about the person needing help or if the perpetrator wasn't someone he feared, then he'll definitely try to help.

Would Junsu cut in line? What about keeping money someone dropped?
- Junsu wouldn't necessarily cut in line or keep someone's money that they dropped ... but he would definitely cut in line if Jaejoong really needed something.

If Yunho were to die ... What would happen? Who would take their place?
- If Yunho were to die ... Yoochun and Changmin would probably be sad and devastated. As for someone taking their place, I could see Jihyo pushing herself to the forefront and continuing with their plan to overthrow the government and create a new one from the ground up.

If Jaejoong were to die tomorrow, how would they spend their last day?
- Jaejoong would spend his last day preparing himself for death as he anticipates the moment he crosses over into the afterlife and reuniting with his twin brother.

Does Jaejoong believe in "bad" luck?
- He does. He feels that his whole life is one bad luck.

If Jihyo could "fix" one thing from her childhood, what would it be?
- Spending more precious moments with her brother and keeping a picture of their little family with him to remember them by.

Does Junsu prefer to spend time out under the sun or indoors?
- Back then, he would rather go outside and play soccer by himself. But now, since he found Jaejoong ... he'll go wherever Jaejoong goes.

Is Jaejoong interested in having children? Why or why not?
- He likes children. He likes playing with them. If he wanted to, he would adopt. Having biological children means that he would have to be intimate with a woman and because of a traumatic experience with his twin brother that left him reliving the memory, just by being in contact with a woman would trigger intense panic attacks.

Describe Yoochun's perfect place to relax.
- In his room, lying on his bed, and reading his manhwas.

Does Junsu think he'll live until their old?
-I think he's more worried about Jaejoong's life rather than his own.

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