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Title: Only You
Pairing: Yunho/Yoochun, Junsu/Jaejoong, Changmin/Jihyo
Genre: Drama, Angst
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Un-Beta'd, Incest
Idea: Prompt idea from Serkadios@nanowrimo.org
Summary: The human race is split into two nations; one for men and the other for women. The government has stripped them all from anything sexual pertaining to the opposite sex. So, how will love prevail in a society so broken and will anyone bring the community back to the way it was before?

Bathroom. Was the immediate thought when his body roused him out of sleep and upon opening his eyes, Junsu was met with complete darkness. For a moment he was confused and surprised to see that he had been tucked snugly into bed with the digital clock on the table beside him that read 11:30PM.

He sat up in bed and looked over to the other side of the room where he could vaguely make out a dark lump under the covers. He wondered what kind of thoughts went through the other boy's head when he found him collapsed in the middle of their doorway. A flash of the boy's panicked expression down in the basement, filled him with dread and he moved over to the other side of the room and slipped in next to the older boy, bringing their bodies flushed against each other, the need to relieve himself disappeared from his mind as thoughts of needing to comfort Jaejoong surfaced.

He hugged the other boy to him, even when Jaejoong voiced his displeasure with a sleepy grunt and a mumble of being too hot. Junsu responded by burying his face into the crook of the other boy's neck and tightening his hold around the other's waist. In the next few seconds, he too fell asleep to the soft snores of the other boy.



That one word from his memory was all he needed to get the leverage over Jung Yunho. Ever since the news of his chemistry student, Jung Yunho had been promoted to Sergeant Major, Lee Min Woo had this seething jealousy that wouldn't leave him.

But when he ate lunch earlier that day like every other day, he managed to hear a conversation that he never knew could ever take place. As he looked around for that particular voice he noticed that it had belonged to the boy sitting across from his chemistry student. From his distance in the Dining Hall, he could make out a few phrases such as, I want to see Jihyo-nuna and crossing the border without permission.

At first, when he heard the news that a nineteen-year old managed to get a position in the military, he thought it was strange that they would let someone that was not yet brainwashed, not yet matured in the way that the government wanted them, be let into the most controlled unit of their country. But when he caught snippets between the teachers in the faculty room, he found out that the sudden promotion was because the boy had helped a floor officer capture a boy running away from his punishment. Even when the truth was revealed, he was still miffed that it had been someone younger and inexperienced.

"It should've been me. I should've gotten that position, not him," Professor Lee Min Woo hissed, clenching his hands into fists. A knock on his door alerted him of a presence and he looked up to see another teacher.


"Just making sure that all the lights were out," the man said. Lee Min Woo gave a glare at the other man,

"Understood, you can leave now. I'll make sure the lights are off."

The man gave a nod and left, leaving him back to his thoughts.

"I think this is the first time a man in the military has done something worthy of a punishment resulting in death," Min Woo grinned.


Yoochun believed that if he told the errand boy off, that Seungri would cease all connections with him. But when he woke up the next morning, he couldn't shake off a sense of foreboding that maybe the errand boy's threat of Seungri doing everything he can to keep him bound to the other man, held some truth to it. So when he gathered his clothes for the day and left the room, he found Seungri waiting for him against the opposite wall with arms crossed about his chest and a serious expression on his face.

Yoochun quickly closed the door behind him, afraid of what might happen if Yunho woke to the sight of him and Seungri talking together.

"What are you doing here?" Yoochun hissed, but the other man didn't look at all perturbed. In fact, Yoochun believed that the man wouldn't even care if a living being came upon them and mistake their interaction as something else.

"I heard from my informant, that you refused to see me. You even tore up my invitation as well," Seungri rested his hands on his hips and cocked his head to the side, just ever so slightly.

"I told your informant exactly how I felt about our situation and I don't want to see you anymore," Yoochun said and continued on his way to the shared bathroom, but the next words out of the other man's mouth, caused him to stop in his tracks,

"I don't think you know what I'm like when I'm disappointed."

Yoochun turned around to look at the man and Seungri slowly smiled in response,

"People who don't produce the results that I want, aren't strong enough to survive the demands of the government and therefore, must be removed from the system."

Yoochun opened his mouth to say something when the door to his dorm room opened and Yunho stepped out into the hallway with his messy bed hair and a hard glare at the man in front of him.

"What did you just say?"

Seungri turned his attention to Yunho with a smile so wide and fake, that it was enough to make a person want to slap the grin from his face,

"Oh, Sergeant Major! Sorry to have bothered you. You see, I was trying to discipline this unmannered --"

Yoochun stared in complete shock at what he witnessed next. One moment Yunho had been silently listening to the other man's overly exaggerated attempt to get on his good side and the next, he had his fist connecting to the other man's face.

He heard the crunch of Seungri's nose as Yunho's fist smashed him squarely in the face and the man on the receiving end, winced when blood dripped down his chin.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! Don't you know who I am? I'm a member of the government! Just because you're one of us, that you're entitled to do this to someone on the same side as you! We may be of unequal rank, but I have no qualms in reporting to the higher-ups about what you did to me," Seungri said, cradling his broken nose.

"So I'm not allowed to punch you, but you're allowed to end someone's life because they don't meet your expectations? Based on the rules of this government, I think that my actions are the lesser of the two evils," Yunho answered back.

Seungri chuckled, "What government are you speaking of? Clearly, the rules that you go by, is not how our government is run. Everyone who were single-handedly picked by the higher-ups, are in power and those who aren't, are just test subjects to the government. If they're in good condition, mentally and physically, then we keep them. If not, we dispose of them. That is how we've managed to maintain our reputation for so many years. Besides, it's not like we can't breed more people."

Yunho clenched his hands into fists at his side.

When Yoochun first saw Yunho exit their shared room, he was afraid that the boy's angry behavior was due to the conversation he had overheard between him and Seungri. But after hearing what the other boy's response was, Yoochun realized that Yunho had been more disturbed by the implication that Seungri had killed an innocent person than hearing Seungri threatening him not to leave.

He was relieved. If Yunho had heard the first part of their talk, it would mean that their talk earlier to clear up the misunderstanding between them, had been a waste of time. But at the same time, he felt disappointed. As someone who should've been important to Yunho, he was completely overshadowed by the possibility of an innocent life being cut short.

"Can't say anything?" Seungri mocked, "See ... this is the power that we hold, Sergeant Major. Harness the power that you've been given and you'll make everyone tremble under your feet. But if you use your power to defy us like what you're doing now, just know that I'll convince as many people as I can to get your position revoked and then you're back to being a nobody. But from my experience, I know that you'll eventually change your ways to fit with our government because power is an addictive thing and once you've gotten a taste of it, you'll never go back to your naive way of thinking."

Yunho remained quiet, but the movement in his right peripheral vision, alerted him that someone else was in the area. He turned his head to see Yoochun standing there. He smiled in assurance at the other boy,

"You can leave now, Yoochun. We're done here."

Yoochun nodded numbly and continued his way to the shared bathroom. Yunho waited until Yoochun turned the corner to face Seungri again who was now wiping at his bloody nose in a nonchalant manner,

"While I agree that it's a good idea to weed out the weak, wouldn't it be better if we give them a chance to redeem themselves? I think after they ponder over their mistakes --"

Seungri immediately cut him off, "They only need that one chance. They're not like us. Why should we give the same privileges that we have, to someone whom we can discard anytime we want?"

"You were once like them, a person with no status, a slave to the government. How could you not sympathize with them?" Yunho questioned.

"You can't compare me to those naive fools. I've changed since then. I'm a better version of myself now and that's the reason why the government chose me and not them. You can't expect the higher-ups to think of you as someone worthy to them when you're not willing to change who you are to fit their standards. If you have any frustrations with how the government is treating you, don't blame us, blame yourself for creating more tension than it needs to be," Seungri spat.

Yunho knew that there was no way of changing the man's mind. Seungri had already been brainwashed with thoughts of rising to power and having everyone cowering at his feet.

"So you're saying that those that can't easily submit themselves to the government, should die?" Yunho asked. Seungri clucked his tongue,

"You still don't get it, do you? It's not about who should and shouldn't die. The rule is already implemented into the nature of our world. If you don't have the tools to survive, you're of no use. You're easily weeded out. We only want people who are willing to give their life for the government without any hesitation and who will keep a strict mindset of what we should do in order to preserve what our government has been trying to become over the past thirty years."

"Basically, you want everyone to be the same," Yunho said.

"Why is there a need for everyone to be different? If we all have the same mindset, then it's easier to move forward with what we want for the good of our country. Try to see it from our perspective, Yunho-sshi and then you'll understand why we do the things we do," Seungri finalized and walked away.

Not wanting to bother with trying to understand Seungri and his stunted view, Yunho scratched the back of his head in frustration and headed back inside, ready to fall back into bed and sleep the afternoon away before his night class started.


"I want to gather all the government officials. There's something I have to say," Lee Min Woo said to one of the men situated in the Administration office.

The man looked up, "Tell me the reason for this urgency and maybe I'll set up a meeting."

"There's something suspicious going on with the new Sergeant Major and I have proof of it," Min Woo stated. The man raised a brow,

"You have proof? Where is it?"

"I heard the words with my own ears," Min Woo said.

"You heard it? I don't think that's credible evidence," the man replied.

"What? Why not? I can tell you what I heard, word for word. I won't leave anything out or make up a story. It will be the truth. Trust me," Min Woo pleaded.

The man sighed and picked up the phone and dialed a number, returning his attention to the man in front of him,

"I'm going to call someone and they're going to hear your story, see if it's urgent enough to bother the higher-ups."

"Thank you," Min Woo sighed in relief and sat down in one of the waiting chairs. About five to ten minutes later, the door opened,

"I heard that there was someone who wanted to report a case?"

Min Woo stood up, "That's me."

The man looked him up and down, "And you are?"

"I'm one of the Chemistry teachers here, Lee Min Woo," Min Woo answered. The man absentmindedly nodded,

"Come with me into my office and tell me about this case."

Min Woo followed the man out into the hallway and through a separate door at the end of the hall.

"Sit down," the man gestured to the empty chair in front of the desk. Min Woo sat down and waited until the other man sat down in the opposite chair.

"So, what was it that you witnessed?"

"Um, it's about Jung Yunho," Min Woo answered. The man narrowed his eyes,

"Jung Yunho? How do you know of him?"

"He's one of my students," Min Woo answered and the man nodded.

"Okay, then what's the problem? What did he do?"

"I heard snippets of his conversation with another boy and what they said, shocked me. I couldn't believe that a trusted government official, would trick their own government by using their status to slip one of the boys over to the female side! It's treachery, is what this is!"

Min Woo was upset. The government chose a boy who was still immature and had not yet converted himself to their country's rules over him, someone who would give his life to become a government official that the higher-ups would be proud of.

"You're saying that Jung Yunho took a boy from under our security to the female side?" the man asked.

"Yes. I heard Yunho talking about it," Min Woo said. The man sat back in his chair,

"That is a serious issue ... If you really heard him talk about it, then we have to be cautious about him. Don't worry, I'll tell the other floor officers to watch his actions more closely and when it turns out to be a threat to the government, then we will rid him of his rank and promise to reward you for your cooperation."

"Thank you," Min Woo bowed and stood up, "I hope you'll see that Jung Yunho was not the right choice for our government."

The man watched the professor leave with a smirk and rubbed his chin,

"Looks like we have some sort of resentment going on here."


Where am I? Jaejoong questioned upon waking up to the sunlight filtering in through the curtains. He lay still on his bed and let his eyes roam across the ceiling to get his bearings of where he was. He closed his eyes with a groan.

Right ... I'm in my room ...

Jaejoong turned to his left, expecting Junsu to be there still sleeping, but he found the other bed empty. He checked the clock and felt less disappointed by the boy's absence, realizing that Junsu was probably attending his morning classes.

Him not being here might be a good thing ... At least he won't be infected by me.

Jaejoong frowned at the thought that Junsu would be safer away from him. But he knew that it had to be done, at least for the time being until he found a way to rid himself of the filth that had embedded itself into his skin.

He got up and slowly made his way to the shared bathroom. Once he stripped himself of his clothes, the sight of his limp cock and the memory of where it had been last night, brought a surge of anger through his chest.

He reached down with a firm grip around his cock and tugged it hard, to the point of being painful.

Disgusting... Disgusting... Jaejoong fumed and continued to tug at his cock until it was red with irritation.

The door to the shared bathroom suddenly opened and voices filtered into the empty room. Jaejoong quickly turned on the shower to drown out the voices and to hide his shame. He kept his back to the opening of the stall until the voices passed by and resumed his rough tugging.

I'm tainted. I'm not worthy of seeing Hyunjoong in the afterlife or having Junsu by my side anymore. No one will want me now...

He bit his lip to fight back a sob and sat down on his hunches and let the cold water pour over him. He clawed at his upper arms, leaving a trail of red lines in its wake and squeezed his eyes shut tight. He could still feel as though the woman was with him. The memory of her scent and the distinctive moans she would breathe in his ear, were like nails on a chalkboard for him.

He brought his hands up to his ears, desperately trying to block out the sound of the woman's voice, but the moans were still ringing in his head. He opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of his pinkish cock in between his thighs and another surge of anger flowed through him.

He reached down for his cock once again and began pulling on it, no longer tugging it out of anger, but instead, with the intent of removing the fleshy organ from his body.

"Get it off, get it off, get it off," Jaejoong hissed, occasionally flinching in pain and biting his lips in frustration that the soiled part of his body was still attached to him.

With one last attempt to rip his cock off, he pulled hard, but it only resulted in immense pain.

"Why can't I get rid of it?" Jaejoong sobbed, his body slumped against the tiled stall and the cold water pelting down from the shower head above.


"Your presentation was very informative, Yunho-sshi," a classmate said as the boy walked past him and out the door. Yunho smiled in acknowledgement and he too, exited the classroom. How he managed to put together a well-thought-out presentation under all his military duties, as well as homework for other classes, and dealing with relationship problems, was beyond him. But after today, his school schedule was finally returning to normal with no big projects or exams coming up for the next two weeks.

He headed to the Dining Hall for dinner with a light heart, until he noticed a student trying to sneak out with a large hoodie pulled over them.

That is the most obvious camouflage ...

"Hey, you can't leave the dorm building in the evening," Yunho quickly strode over to them and tugged on the back of the hoodie. The person in question turned around with a shout,

"Hey! What do you think you're -- Oh, hyung."

Yunho blinked in shock at the person in front of him,

"Changmin ... What were you trying to do just now?"

Changmin pouted, "I can't take it anymore. I want to see Jihyo-nuna so badly. Please hyung, let me go see her."

Yunho schooled his features into a glare,

"Changmin. I told you that it's dangerous for both you and I if someone were to find out. I told you that I can't take you there right now."

"But why? You never told me the reason why I couldn't go," Changmin argued. Yunho let out a sigh,

"You just can't. Ending up killed is a good enough reason for not going. We don't want Jihyo-sshi to feel sad when she finds out that she's the reason why you were caught by the security guards and killed on the spot."

Changmin crossed his arms about his chest and mirrored Yunho's expression,

"I knew it. You like her. You're not convincing me with your brotherly act. It's all just a cover to distract me. I can see through your plan, hyung. Since you're both in the military, you're able to see her whenever you want. While I, a normal citizen, is a nobody and I could never be a person that she could see as an equal."

" ... What?" Yunho was flabbergasted that the boy had come to such a ridiculous conclusion,

"I don't know what made you think that, but like I already told you twice before, I have no feelings for Jihyo-sshi. I really do care about your life and Jihyo-sshi does too. Why can't you see our genuine feelings for what it is and that we just want to protect you from getting hurt?"

"I don't believe you. If you won't take me to see Jihyo-sshi, then I'll find some other way to do it," Changmin snapped and abandoned his quest to leave the dorm building. He brushed past Yunho and headed for the elevators so he could return back to his dorm room.

Yunho grit his teeth in annoyance and brought his hand up to rub at his temple. Then he turned around and headed into the Dining Hall, hoping to eat away his frustration before going to bed.

About fifty feet away, behind a pillar, someone watched. With a press of a finger, the recorder stopped recording. The man smirked as he pocketed the device in his pants,

"It looks like the teacher was right. But, it seems that Yunho is slowly coming to terms with his duties. Let's see how far he's willing to keep the boy in line."

The man stepped back and turned to leave the area. The conversation between the two boys wasn't explicit enough to cause treason, but it was getting there. What would push them into dangerous territory, were their actions. If they happened to act out their words and be seen by a passerby or an officer, they would definitely be killed on the spot.

The man chuckled, "This is going to be fun."

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