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Title: Only You
Pairing: Yunho/Yoochun, Junsu/Jaejoong, Changmin/Jihyo
Genre: Drama/Angst
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Incest, Un-Beta'd
Idea: Prompt idea from Serkadios@nanowrimo.org
Summary: The human race has split into two nations; one for men and the other for women. The government has stripped them all from anything sexual pertaining to the opposite sex. So, how will love prevail in a society so broken and will anyone ever bring the community back to the way it was before?

A/N: This chapter will be more focused on Junsu and Jaejoong rather than Yunho and I apologize, but I felt that their story needed to be shown at this moment.

"I can see why people are enraged by the typical American breakfast. It's deliciously unhealthy," Changmin said thoughtfully and proceeded to pour copious amount of maple syrup over his Belgian waffles.

Yunho waited for the boy's blissed-out expression at his first bite of the fluffy waffles, to smile and begin eating his own breakfast as well.

"So what happened last night? Did the plan go accordingly?"

Changmin stopped eating at the words and immediately, his mind flew back to his conversation with his floor officer down in the basement.

We're going to find the person who made you this way and punish them.

"Y-Yeah ..." Changmin mumbled and bit into a syrup covered strawberry.

"So how did Kibum take it? Did you see his expression?" Yunho wondered. Changmin winced at the way Yunho seemed to be sitting at the edge of his seat and waiting for his reply like an eager child.

Changmin closed his eyes, his best friend's quivering voice still seemed so vivid in his mind. The fact that his friend perceived his unresponsive body as dead, filled him with guilt.

"He seemed shaken up," Changmin whispered and Yunho seemed satisfied with his answer.

"That's good."

"But his thinking, is still on the side of the government's though," Changmin confessed.

"Then there's no helping it. I guess it's my turn as his Sergeant Major to try again and persuade him to see the evil of our country's rulers," Yunho said and finished his meal before standing up with his empty plate in his hands. Changmin quickly reached out to stop the other man,


Yunho frowned and sat back down,

"What is it?"

"I - I want to see Jihyo-nuna again ... Can we go see her tonight?" Changmin asked. Yunho furrowed his brow,


"I miss her and I want to talk to her again. It's been a while ..." Changmin said, flushing a little. Yunho could only sigh,

"I know that I was lenient with you, but the fact that crossing the border without permission can very likely get you killed, I would rather not risk it. Besides, we wouldn't want to cause any trouble to Jihyo-sshi."

"Lenient? What are you talking about? I thought you wanted me to see Jihyo-nuna?" Changmin suddenly felt betrayed. Yunho sighed again,

"At first, yes. But then I realized later that Jaejoong was right. It would've been better if we had tried harder from the beginning to stop you from thinking about Jihyo-sshi, then we wouldn't have this problem of trying to sneak you across the border and risk being caught by the government."

"Why are you suddenly acting this way? Did something happen to Jihyo-nuna? Tell me exactly why you're forbidding me from seeing her!" Changmin stood up with a raised voice.

"Changmin ..." Yunho hissed, noticing that the people in the Dining Hall, the ones that were still new to the system, were looking over at them in irritation.

"I know I suspected this before and you denied it, but do you love Jihyo-nuna?" Changmin questioned.

"Changmin ... You know that I don't love her. I have Yoochun," Yunho sighed in exasperation. Changmin cocked his head,

"Then why can't I see Jihyo-nuna?"

"You just can't. Not now at least. Please, Jihyo-sshi also wants you to stay away for a while," Yunho said.

"Why? What's the reason for pushing me away when we finally found each other after almost two years?" Changmin asked, sitting back down. Yunho looked down,

"She didn't say. She told me to keep you away for a while and she'll let you know when you can visit her again. It's not that she doesn't love you anymore. She still does, but for now, she needs her space."

"So there's nothing wrong with her?" Changmin wondered. Yunho smiled,

"She's fine. The last time I saw her, she looked healthy."

"That's good ..." Changmin whispered.

"Well," Yunho stood back up with his empty tray, "I have to leave now if I want to balance between getting Kibum on our side and finishing my homework."

"Okay," Changmin watched the other boy leave before eating the rest of his breakfast with a frown.


"Did you finish the questions?" a guy asked. Yoochun snapped out of his stupor and looked up at his classmate,


"The questions? I've already done my half. Don't tell me you haven't finished yours? We have to finish them by today in order to start on our project," the boy said. Yoochun blink owlishly before rummaging in his book bag for the slip of paper and then handed it to his partner,

"Here it is."

The boy took the paper and looked over the answers and nodded with approval,

"Okay. Tonight, let's both think of a hypothesis and then bring it in next week."

"Okay," Yoochun could only say and his partner clapped him on his back before leaving the classroom with the rest of their classmates. Yoochun also stood up to get ready to leave and by the time he exited the classroom, he found the familiar errand boy from Seungri waiting for him outside. He pretended not to notice the other boy and walked the opposite way, but he heard a pair of footsteps behind him. He picked up speed until he was now running through the long hallway and up the stairs to his dorm floor.

Yoochun came to a stop in front of his dorm room and turned around, seeing the errand boy running up to him. With a slight pant, the errand boy held out an envelope,

"From Seungri-sshi ..."

"I don't want it," Yoochun dismissed and turned the door to get into the room, but the errand boy held it open when Yoochun tried to close the door behind him,

"It's not your choice to deny it. You have to accept it."

"So he's threatening me now?"

"If that's what it takes to keep you bound to him, then he'll do it," the boy responded. Yoochun reached for the envelope and proceeded to tear the invitation into pieces in front of the shocked boy,

"Tell Seungri that I won't be his slave anymore," Yoochun said and threw the pieces of paper at the boy before locking himself in his dorm room.


Junsu slipped out of bed the moment he woke up and found Jaejoong still sleeping under the covers. He didn't want to wait for the other boy to return to normal. He didn't want to be around the other boy if it meant that his past was going to be exposed. He wasn't ready to separate from Jaejoong just yet.

Junsu leaned down and brushed the bangs from the other's forehead and tucked his blanket under the other's chin. Then he let his gaze drop and gathered his clothes for the day. He headed out toward the shared bathroom and got ready. He was glad to have a class so early in the morning so that he could invest his thoughts on the teacher rather than worrying about Jaejoong finding out about the only secret he desperately wanted to keep hidden.

Junsu return back into his dorm room and tossed his dirty clothes in the hamper, thankful that Jaejoong was still fast asleep. He quickly retreated out of the room and headed straight to class, the sudden butterflies in his stomach made it hard to even think about eating breakfast.

After finishing his two morning classes, Junsu headed down to the Dining Hall for lunch and hesitantly surveyed the people eating, breathing out a sigh of relief to find that Jaejoong hadn't come down to eat yet. He straightened his back and stepped forward more confidently, grabbing an empty plate and standing in line to get his meal.

After finding an empty table, he sat down and took his first bite of noodles before a porcelain plate was placed in the space opposite him. He expected the person to be anyone but the very person in front of him. Hell, even Jaejoong would've made a better company despite wanting to hide away from the other boy with every chance he got. But Park Yoochun? He wanted to avoid the other boy at all costs because something about the boy made him nervous and not in a good way.

"Is this seat taken?" Yoochun wondered with a small smile and before Junsu could open his mouth to speak, the other boy sat down. Junsu narrowed his eyes at the rudeness of it all,

"Why ask for permission if you're not going to hear my answer in the first place?"

"I only asked to be polite," Yoochun answered as a matter of fact and began mixing his bibimbap. He took a huge spoonful of his food and stuffed it into his mouth with a happy grin at the taste.

"Well don't, it only makes people angry with you," Junsu said back and quickly finished his udon bowl. The need to flee the area was strong and he didn't want to wait around to have Yoochun probe more into his life than what the boy had already managed to scratch the first time around. So he stood up to leave, but Yoochun quickly stopped him with a grasp to his wrist,

"Sit down, Junsu. I need to talk to you about something. Wait until I'm finished eating and then we can leave to go somewhere private to talk, okay?"

Junsu remained silent at the command. He desperately wanted to ignore the other boy and just leave without a look back. But for some reason, curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to find out just how much Yoochun knew about his past or if the other boy was only baiting him in order to find out the real truth.

He slowly sat back down and waited until Yoochun scraped his bowl clean. He stood up after the other boy stood up and they both returned their dirty dishes to the counter and headed out of the Dining Hall.

"So, where are you taking me?" Junsu asked, his arms crossed about his chest when he followed the older boy outside of their dorm building. He got his answer when they turned the corner and the auditorium could be seen.

"Here again?" Junsu questioned. The last time they were there alone, Yoochun had tried to pry into his past with Jaejoong and it scared him to the point where he needed to be in the comfort of Jaejoong's arms to remind himself that the other boy was still his and not leaving because of the truth.

"Do you have a better place than this?" Yoochun asked with a raised brow. No matter how much the place reminded him of their conversation two weeks ago, Junsu couldn't help but slightly agree that the area was as much of a private place as they could get.

"Fine, so what did you want to talk about?" Junsu asked, finally getting to the point. Yoochun chuckled,

"You never waste any time, do you? Fine. I asked you here because I wanted you to confirm something for me and I hope that you give me a truthful answer."


"Tell me, do you have a twin brother?" Yoochun asked. The question caught Junsu off-guard and he couldn't help but display an expression that gave Yoochun the answer that he needed.

"So you do," Yoochun confirmed, "Then, is his name Junho?"

"Why ... Why are you asking about him?" Junsu swallowed nervously, afraid of what the next series of questions were going to be like. Yoochun raised a brow,

"You look nervous ... Didn't think anyone would figure it out, did you?

"What is it that you really want?" Junsu tensed up.

"I want to be able to understand your relationship with Jaejoong, that's all," Yoochun shrugged.

"And why is it any of your business anyway? Are you having fun being such a busybody by looking into a person's past in order to satisfy that childish curiosity you have?" Junsu glared. Yoochun narrowed his eyes back,

"It's not a childish curiosity."

Junsu scoffed, "Did I hit a nerve? Or maybe you're jealous that Jaejoong's attention is all mine?"

Yoochun clenched his hands into fists at his side. He hadn't expected his plan to backfire like this.

"Why should I be jealous of you? Jaejoong had been mine first. At least I approached him with genuine feelings unlike someone here," Yoochun taunted with a glance up and down the other boy.

"What?" Junsu's eye twitched at the blow.

"That night when Jaejoong went into a panic attack and called out a certain person's name, it made me wonder why you didn't want me to know about it. But I know now," Yoochun said and was tempted to smile when he noticed the return of the other boy's nervous expression. He tilted his chin up again,

"But, don't worry. No one's going to blame you for wanting to protect yourself. We're only human after all and it's natural to depend on yourself first before others. But you make it so easy, showing off to the world that you have no problems to distract yourself because you're always taking care of Jaejoong. However, in reality, your stunt with Jaejoong is but a front."

Junsu grit his teeth and growled, "Are you done?"

"No," Yoochun stated airily, "This is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more that you're hiding away and I'm going to reveal all of them to you right now."

Junsu wanted to punch the smirk from the other boy's face and stepped forward,

"You're just bluffing. Only those that were present, knows the real truth. And if my memory serves me right, you weren't there."

Yoochun let out a laugh, "Oh, sweet, sweet, naive Junsu ... There are ways to get the truth than having to be there to witness it. Shall I tell you? Then, the incident with Jaejoong's twin brother ... You're related to it, right?"

"Have you forgotten? I'm Jaejoong's boyfriend. There isn't any secrets that he hasn't told me. So, of course I know what happened with his brother."

Yoochun chuckled again, "Are you really playing dumb or do you really not know? Fine, hopefully this will jog your memory. Junho ... Tell me, how did he get his Sergeant Major rank? I have an idea on how he got it, but I want to hear what you think about it."

"What does Junho have to do with Hyunjoong? They never met each other," Junsu said back. Yoochun ruffled his hair in slight frustration, but kept a tight smile at the other boy,

"Didn't you say it earlier? That only the people who were present at the scene would know the truth? If you said it so confidently like that, then wouldn't that mean you were there also? So cut the bullshit, Junsu. I know you're covering for Junho and you only approached Jaejoong because you had to make sure that he didn't know that the death of his brother was because of your own brother."

"Shut up!" Junsu immediately saw red and launched himself at the other boy. Yoochun grunted when he was slammed to the ground with the other boy straddling his waist.

Junsu pulled a fist back and let it connect with Yoochun's left cheek. He hissed when his knuckles accidentally grazed the other's teeth. He raised his fist again, but keeled over when Yoochun delivered a punch of his own. Junsu clutched his stomach in silent pain and was pushed off. Yoochun struggled to stand and touched his throbbing cheek, flinching when the slight touch caused him pain,

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Junsu also struggled to stand, "That's what you get for assuming things."

Yoochun laughed, "Stop denying it. I know the truth already and you reacting the way you did, only proves that I'm right. You think you punched me because I called you out on your fake relationship with Jaejoong? No. I think you're angry because I'm right. Hyunjoong died because Junho caught him crossing the border and called him out on it."

"That's not true," Junsu shot back.

"Then tell me how he got his rank in the first place?" Yoochun asked, "You see ... This is exactly what happened with Yunho. He got his rank because he led our floor officer to Changmin. Apparently, Changmin had done something to cause suspicion to the government officials because when Changmin came to us for comfort, they came knocking on our door and took him away from us. Then our floor officer decided to reward Yunho for indirectly handing Changmin to them. The reward was a position in the military."

Junsu seemed to quiet at the words. He knew that the reason why the security guards were looking for Changmin that day was because of himself. He was the one who called them to punish the boy for his indecent thoughts. He did it to make Jaejoong happy. But he didn't realize that Yunho had gotten the spot as Sergeant Major because of what he did.

"Where are you going?" Junsu vaguely heard Yoochun yell after him, but he didn't want to be near the other boy at the moment.


Junsu managed to stagger back into the dorm building. Before he had met with Yoochun, he wanted to avoid being in Jaejoong's presence, but now, being with the other boy was all he wanted now.

He exited the elevator and walked to his dorm room, hoping that when he opened the door, that Jaejoong was still there. Unfortunately, he was met with emptiness. He let out a choked sob and collapsed to his knees in the doorway.

"Jaejoong ..."


"How'd you do that?" a voice asked in wonder. Junsu had been practicing his soccer tricks while the day was still bright and warm, so he didn't realize that he had an audience. He turned around to see a boy not even six-years old, gaping up at him. Junsu grinned,

"You mean the Rainbow kick?"

"The Rainbow kick?" the boy wondered.

"Yeah, it's one of the difficult tricks. If you want to learn, I suggest the most basic juggling trick. First, you place your toes on top of the ball like this, then you drag the ball back towards you with your feet, and then you scoop the ball up with the toes of your shoes like this," Junsu explained, bouncing the ball on the top curve of his shoes.

"Wow ..." the boy exclaimed once again.

"Why do you ask? Do you like playing soccer too?"

"I love it!" the boy gave a toothy smile, "I have a group of friends that I play soccer with, but all we do is kick the ball around and try to shoot it into the goal. I know! Could you teach us some of your cool foot tricks?"

"Sure. Why don't you take me to your friends and then I can teach everyone at the same time?" Junsu offered and the boy nodded, grabbing at his left hand and tugging him towards the Nursery building on the left side of the Dorm building.

"In here," the boy tugged Junsu into the building. He peeked into the window of every room as they both made their way down the long hallway until he stopped in front of a particular door. Through the glass window, Junsu saw an older boy sitting at the piano in the middle of the room and the many toddlers on the ground around him, listening attentively. Junsu automatically smiled at the scene and tilted his chin up at the boy next to him, his eyes still trained on the boy inside the room,

"Who's that?"

"Hm?" the boy wondered and jumped up to get a look into the room,

"Oh! That's Jaejoong-hyung!"

"Jaejoong?" Junsu frowned. The boy only grinned,

"Yup! He's really good with the piano. He plays whatever song we ask of him and everyone's favorite song is the Mountain Rabbit."

Junsu ruffled the boy's hair and turned back to stare at the boy called Jaejoong. For some reason, he felt a pull towards the boy in the room and he hadn't even gotten a chance to talk to him yet.

"Can we continue now? I want my friends to see what you can do!" the boy resumed his tugging and Junsu let the boy pull him away from the door.


Ever since that day, Junsu would come by the Nursery building for no reason other than catching a glimpse of Jaejoong. There were times when the boy was at the piano alone and then there were other times where he was in the presence of others. At one of those times, a sudden wave of protectiveness came over him.

He remembered coming by the Nursery building one rainy afternoon with only the thought of seeing Jaejoong. He stood outside watching with a grin on his lips as the boy called Jaejoong, performed his music piece to a room full of toddlers. Once the last note was played, the room erupted into claps and screams that were loud enough to hear through the door. Junsu also gave a clap of his own, even though he knew that the boy wouldn't hear it.

He waited until the kids all filed out of the room before he found the courage to make himself known, but he quickly backpedaled from the doorway and pressed himself flat against the wall next to it. He peeked back into the room to see another boy, about the same age as the other boy in the room, move closer and closer until they stood face to face. He watched with growing irritation as the new boy reached up to touch Jaejoong's hazel-brown hair and fixing it in place. He noticed the way Jaejoong ducked his head in obvious embarrassment and bit his lip as the other boy cared for him.

"It was beautiful, Jaejoong-ah," the boy finally spoke. Junsu saw the spark of excitement and praise in Jaejoong's eyes,

"Really? I guess my practice paid off."

"Since you're done, should we head to the Dining Hall and get something to eat?" the other boy asked. Jaejoong nodded,


Junsu hid at the end of the hallway and watched as the two boys walked out of the room and in the opposite direction to the exit. After the two boys disappeared, Junsu came out of hiding and grit his teeth. He could tell immediately from Jaejoong's body language in front of the other boy, that whatever their relationship was, it was definitely something beyond just a mere friendship and it bothered him.

After that day, Junsu visited the Nursery building less and less, only visiting the area if the boys wanted him for his coaching. Weeks passed and the name Jaejoong seemed to be just a whisper in the wind. He had almost gotten his life back until one night while walking with his twin brother, he caught sight of someone walking alongside the invisible border between their side and the female side.

"Hyung, there's someone walking out there. I can't make out if it's a male or female," Junsu pointed out to his brother.

"Where?" Junho wondered.

"There," Junsu pointed and before he could stop his brother, Junho had already started running towards where the dark figure was last seen.

Not wanting to stay outside in the dark by himself and risk getting caught by the security guards, Junsu moved himself back inside the dorm building just as a small group of security guards rushed past him outside. He quickly hid behind a column when he spotted a floor officer getting off the elevator and making his way over to the exit and out of the building as well.

Junsu bit his lip in worry and clutched at the column,

"I hope Junho will be alright."

Then he heard a series of loud, short bangs that he had never heard before in his lifetime that sent shivers throughout his body. Minutes later, all the security guards marched back into the building followed by the floor officer he saw earlier. Then he noticed his brother being dragged in by the elbow. He stepped out of hiding in horror,


"Junsu ..." Junho whispered in shock. He had expected his brother to have left back to their room and not stay around waiting for him. Junsu ran up to them and gripped at the floor officer's arm,

"Wait! Where are you taking my brother?"

"Junsu, stop," Junho interrupted his brother's plea with a firm tone. Junsu furrowed his brow and faced his brother,


"Just wait for me in our room, okay?" Junho told his brother as the floor officer tugged him forward, putting a distance between them.

Junsu wanted to go after his brother, but another figure caught his attention. From the elevators, someone was running towards the exit and as they got close, Junsu realized that the boy was Jaejoong. He followed the boy who ran past him with his eyes and vaguely heard the floor officer's voice speak,

"Bring him back. He's not allowed to leave the building."

"Yes, sir!" one of the security guards said and followed quickly after the escaping boy. Junsu turned back to his brother, but they were already gone. Deciding that he had nothing to do with Jaejoong anymore, he decided to follow his brother's instructions and headed back to their shared room and wait for his brother's return.

That night he heard the news and they celebrated Junho's sudden entry into the military with high spirits. It wasn't until a few days later after his physical education class, that he noticed a familiar figure sitting at one of the benches in front of the auditorium. Upon closer inspection, it was once again the very person he wanted to forget. Jaejoong.

He wanted to ignore the other boy, but at the same time, he wanted to go over and introduce himself. The night in the main lobby of the dorm building where the boy rushed past him in urgency, had him curious.

'It's not like I'm asking him out. He obviously has a boyfriend already.'

He took a step forward and stopped when he noticed the boy sobbing into his hands. His heart wrenched in pain at the sight, but he shook his head and tried to calm his beating heart.

'Don't fall in love. Don't fall in love. Just ask him what's wrong.'

Junsu took hesitant steps towards the crying boy until he stood in front of the other and whispered,

"What's wrong?"

The boy jerked his head up, tears staining his cheeks and then hid his face again,

"Don't look!"

His heart ached once again at the sight of his crush crying and despite knowing that they were total strangers, he decided to sit down next to the distraught boy. He could see Jaejoong stiffen at the creak of the bench, but he remained where he was. He wanted to help ease the boy's pain even if it meant listening to the boy's problem.

"I won't look if you'll tell me what's wrong," Junsu said. It was quiet for a few seconds until he heard the other boy speak,

"Why do you even care?"

Junsu wanted to blurt out that it was because he was in love with him, but he knew it would scare the boy away, so instead he said,

"I don't know, I just felt like you needed someone to talk to ... Or at least have someone to lean on."

Junsu gave another glance at the other boy and bit his bottom lip. If that didn't make the other boy converse with him, then he didn't know what else to do.

" ... A talk would be nice ..." the boy suddenly whispered. Junsu couldn't stop the grin that spread on his lips as he turned his body towards the boy,

"My name is Junsu. What's your name?"

The boy flinched at the bright voice and whispered,


"So ..." Junsu quieted, "What happened?"

"My brother ..." Jaejoong let out a strangled sob at the words and Junsu frowned, his own heart breaking at the sight of his crush looking lost and vulnerable.

"What happened to your brother?" Junsu asked. Jaejoong looked up with tears-stained cheeks and cried,

"He was killed."

Junsu wasn't expecting such an answer. He had thought the boy went through a horrible fall-out with his brother, not something life-changing such as a death of a relative.

"I-I'm sorry ... When did that happen?"

"A few days ago ... It happened around midnight," Jaejoong whispered, and as if remembering the event, he broke down into a sob again.

Time seem to stop for Junsu as the familiar time-frame pulled him back to the night with his twin brother.

"H-How was he killed?" Junsu asked, afraid to hear the answer and confirm the fact that maybe the night Jaejoong's brother died was the same night that he saw the silhouette of a figure at the border.

"He was shot ... twice. I still can't forget the night I saw his bloody body, laying there looking so cold," Jaejoong whispered, hugging himself tight. Junsu recalled the strange noise he heard that night his brother went after the shadow figure and how the sound sent chills down his spine.

'So that had been a gun ... And Junho had a part in killing Jaejoong's brother ... It's all my fault. Everything's my fault. If I hadn't speak up and cause attention to the figure, then Jaejoong wouldn't have -- .'

Without thinking, Junsu hugged the other boy to him.

At that moment, he decided to make a vow to repent for his brother's sin by making sure that for the rest of his life, he would always make Jaejoong happy. Even after he learned that the said brother had been the boy he saw that day in the room at the Nursery building, he decided to accept the truth that he could never come close to how much Jaejoong loved his brother. It was karma for causing a chain reaction that resulted in a death that could've been prevented.

'I promise I'll spend the rest of my life making you happy, Jaejoong. Even though I know you won't do the same for me.'

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Date: 2016-10-12 07:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nuhcuys.livejournal.com
Poor jaejoong.. sobssobs..
Junsu is kind enough to be beside jae.. and hope that yoochun will ruin anything.

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Well, it's like what Junsu said ... Yoochun's a busybody.
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