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Prompt: French Kiss
Pairing: Haru/Rin + Makoto
Warning: Animal AU

"So, this is where you were," the voice said. Haru pulled away from the pliant lips underneath him and stared at the other boy in the doorway.

"Makoto," Haru said. Makoto walked over towards Haru and glanced at their other friend, panting on the ground with eyes glazed over in pleasure. He smiled innocently,

"Did you skip class to do this?"

"It couldn't be helped," Haru said, looking down at Rin who reached out to touch him,

"Rin went into heat earlier than we expected."

Makoto stared back at Rin, "Oh."

He stepped closer until his shadow was casted over the cat who was twitching from a lack of touch. Rin snapped out of it a little to stare at Makoto before he reached out for him,


The boy's soft lips and flushed cheeks, sent all the blood rushing south, and Makoto had to swallow his saliva at the scene.

"Rin," Makoto whispered. Haru moved to situate Rin into his lap and motioned Makoto to come forward. Rin moved his tail away by wrapping it around Haru's left arm and let his thighs fall open to make room for Makoto. Makoto dropped to his knees between Rin's legs and swallowed again.

"Kiss him," Haru demanded. Rin groaned at the words and waited for Makoto to make his move. Makoto hesitated for a bit and leaned forward, one of his hands planted on the ground just outside of Haru's thighs to brace himself and his other hand threaded through Rin's pink tresses and cupped the other boy's cheek before kissing him.

At first it was just the pressing of their lips, until Rin opened his mouth and let his tongue dart out. Makoto met the other boy's tongue with his own and closed his eyes with a shiver when he felt his body thrummed with warmth. He pressed harder when he heard Rin respond to his kiss. Rin pressed back with fervor, wounding his arms around the other boy's neck and pulled Makoto closer. Makoto pulled back from the kiss and let Rin's arms fell away from his neck when he felt Rin being tugged away from him, and watched Haru turn Rin's head roughly to the side and capturing those glistening lips as well.

Makoto flushed at Haru's aggressive kiss and remembered earlier that he came upon Haru kissing Rin in the same way. He looked away after a while. He knew that if he continued to watch the erotic display in front of him, he would cum in his pants, and he didn't want to go back to class and explain to the teacher about why there was a dark stain on his crotch.

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