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This is the gist of what I wanted to say. I had to leave some things out because I'm afraid that it won't make it within the LJ post limit. =/ So . . . hope you have fun reading about me.


Even though I may be brand new to the fandom, I hope my stories will leave lasting impressions on my readers. Writing has been my passion since I was 12-years old and have been writing ever since, dabbling into script writing, poetry, original fiction and fanfiction. Even though I've been writing so long and seeing my writing style changing every few years, it still feels like I have a lot to learn to become a good writer (especially in the description department).

People might wonder how I got into K-Pop and DBSK. Well, I was always a big fan of J-Pop thanks to anime and because of the japanese drama, "Hana Yori Dango", I got introduced to the Korean version of it. But that still didn't get me into K-Pop. It was my first semester of college and I was sitting in my History 151 class and lol-behold, my teacher was a fan of both J-Pop and K-Pop. He would show us a music video at the beginning of class every day. And the first K-Pop song I heard besides the songs from "Boys Over Flowers", was Wonder Girl's "Tell Me". It had a catchy tune, but it still didn't hook me in.

My first K-Pop group that I got into was Super Junior. That wasn't a surprise, was it? So I finally got into K-Pop towards the end of 2008. And like I stated on my Tumblr, I accidentally stumbled into Super Junior. I was watching the K-Drama "Full House" featuring Bi Rain and Song Hye Gyo on YouTube. But since Super Junior had a show called "Super Junior Full House", I thought it was the same. But I was wrong.

I guess it was also around the same time that I was introduced to Yaoi and LGBT in general (because I was living under a rock). And the first scene of "Super Junior Full House" had Siwon and Heechul cuddling on the bed. I really thought they were together. But then I finally understood the meaning of fanservice.

While I was fangirling over Super Junior, I had a chance to see DBSK at one of their variety show, "Explorers of the Human Body". But at the time I thought they were pretty boring and plain looking. If I could only punch my past self right now.

Sadly, Hangeng had filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment around 2010 I believe, and so I slowly distanced myself from them. I tried to get more information on his lawsuit when I came upon JYJ's lawsuit. Immediately I was immersed with this three-member boy band and through more research, found that they had came from this five-member band called DBSK.

And in DBSK, my bias is the beautiful and pretty handsome Kim Jaejoong. I've never once saw him as a cold and aloof person like most fans say these days. I've always saw him as a warm, friendly, and approachable person (without Yunho telling me that of course). And my ideal man is the one and only Kim Jaejoong's soulmate, Park Yoochun. <3 <3 For the past three years, these five men have been the center of my life and I haven't stopped loving them all since. Although, please don't ask me what my stance is. You'd probably wouldn't like my answer.

Oh! And you may call me Miri! ^_^

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